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Success Stories with Beyond Belief Energy Therapy and Nina Bregman

Success Stories of Energy Therapy Sessions with Nina Bregman

"Success Stories" are my retelling of client sessions which preserve their confidentiality. These differ from the Session Testimonials where clients have chosen to tell their own stories and share them here. I add to this section, so check back here occasionally, or contact me if you would like more information.

Relieving Chronic Physical Pain (Fibromyalgia)

Earn More Money - but pay more taxes!

Relieving Chronic Physical Pain (Fibromyalgia)

A client who I’ll call Mary had many physical symptoms for over 10 years, for which she tried "just about everything and nothing worked". Doctors told her she had fibromyalgia.

Over some months we had cleared many of her symptoms, including a fuzzy headed feeling or "brain fog" that made it impossible for her to drive, severe mood swings, digestive problems, allergies, sinus congestion and a great many emotional issues. One of the symptoms that we worked on was what Mary calls "tissue pain throughout my body". She had gotten great relief at that time and the pain had apparently disappeared. A couple of weeks before this session the pain had "come back" very intensely.

We started working on "the tissue pain", but nothing happened, and the pain level just stayed stuck at 9 out of 10 (using EFT and several other energy techniques). When I asked Mary what emotion might be causing the pain, she immediately said "Anger". Mary is aware how difficult it is for her to express her anger. So we worked on "the anger in my tissues". Still no relief from the pain.

Something was clearly blocking the path to healing! So we worked on getting permission to heal this problem. Mary did some EFT on behalf of the part of her that did not want to heal the pain, because there "must be a good reason to keep that pain". That did the trick! Mary and I became aware of a part of her that believed "I must be punished for being angry".

Mary did EFT on the belief "I must be punished for being angry", and the pain started to come down. After a few rounds on various aspects of punishing herself for being angry, the pain came down to zero. The problem wasn’t the anger itself, but rather the combined beliefs that the anger was unacceptable, and must be punished. Once the beliefs were cleared the pain was completely gone!

Mary reported that her pain was tremendously reduced after this session and although it did wax and wane somewhat, depending on what was going on in her life, iit never approached the level it was prior to this session.

So we now have another avenue of approach to resolving this kind of long-term pain.

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Earn More Money (but pay more taxes)!

A client who I'll call Cheri came to see me about her difficulty filing her income tax return. She said, "Every year when tax time comes around I spend weeks trying to get myself to do them. I never seem to be able to find all the slips I need, and I repeatedly have to redo the tax form when I find yet another slip. I agonize over every calculation in each step and the whole process is intensely frustrating. I also end up feeling very inadequate. Other people don't go through this, so there must be something very wrong with me."

It seemed like Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) would be a good choice for healing this. We went through the basic TAT procedure. Afterwards Cheri said she felt more relaxed when she thought about doing her taxes.

When I asked if anything came up for her, she said "I realize now that underneath this problem with filing my tax return is the feeling that somehow I'm entitled to NOT pay taxes. I feel like the government owes me because they taxed me on child-support payments even though I was living below the poverty line with 5 children."

Cheri now used TAT on this Feeling of Entitlement, going quite quickly through the steps. When she thought about doing her taxes, "it all feels clear, calm and easy now".

Cheri looked excited and told me that she now realized she had been keeping her income very low so she would NOT have to pay much in taxes. This had been her way of "getting back" at the government. She now saw that this had been unconsciously getting in the way of her earning a good income, especially in her new business venture. She said, "Now that this issue is cleared I'm excited about new income possibilities!"

Several months later Cherit told me that it had "been a snap doing her taxes this year". She had used one of the web based tax programs and had it all done in a couple of hours! And it was EASY! Even more exciting was the news that she had several new clients, which increases her income and reduces the number of hours she works at a low paying job. At this rate she'll be paying a lot more taxes, but it'll be for the great reason that she'll be Earning Lots More Money!

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Healing using Emotional Freedom Techinque or EFT, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy Therapy techniques in Toronto
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