Beyond Belief Energy Therapy - Healing with Nina Bregman using Emotional Freedom Techinque, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy techniques in Toronto and Hamilton Healing using Emotional Freedom Techinque or EFT, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy Therapy techniques in Toronto
Theta Healing - a key tool used by Nina Bregman in Beyond Belief Energy Healing

Theta Healing is a healing method developed by Vianna Stibal who used it to spontaneously heal her own near-fatal cancer in 1995. Since then she has done readings and healings with over 30,000 people and successfully worked with many serious medical challenges.

Theta Healing works when the practitioner goes into Theta, a frequency of brain waves (4-8 cycles per second), most often entered in deep sleep, trance states, and deep meditation. Very deep healing can occur when we are in Theta, and perhaps that is why we consider deep sleep and meditation so healing.

Theta Healing works by connecting with the Creator to co-create and facilitate the healing process on all levels of our being. With Theta Healing, we co-heal with the Creator to effect changes in the DNA, at the core belief, genetic, history and soul levels.

While Theta Healing is best known for healing physical problems, Nina Bregman finds it very impressive at healing the deeply-held, often unconscious beliefs that underlie many of our problems. A fine example of this was presented by a young man at the June 2003 Teachers Training seminar. He had suffered from diabetes since childhood, and worked with Vianna, but initially without success. He had an unconscious program or belief "I don't want to live." Once that was cleared with Theta Healing, his diabetes improved so much that he no longer requires insulin injections and he can control the symptoms with diet. His doctors have confirmed that he no longer has diabetes Type 1, but now has the milder Type 2. This is not supposed to be possible! But it happened and this young man was very clear that further work with Theta Healing would heal his diabetes completely.

Theta Healing is extremely gentle and effective on all kinds of emotional and physical issues. It really is something to be experienced!

If you are interested in experiencing Theta Healing, please contact Nina Bregman. For workshop information, check out the Services page.

Theta Healing website

Important Note: While Energy Therapies such as EFT and TAT have produced remarkable results for many people, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage, and they may not work for you. While excellent results are typical, no guarantee of results is either stated or implied.
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Healing using Emotional Freedom Techinque or EFT, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy Therapy techniques in Toronto
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