Beyond Belief Energy Therapy - Healing with Nina Bregman using Emotional Freedom Techinque, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy techniques in Toronto and Hamilton Healing using Emotional Freedom Techinque or EFT, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy Therapy techniques in Toronto
Beyond Belief Energy Therapy with Nina Bregman Workshop Testimonials

Nina Bregman has given over 90 workshops over the past ten years, with great success. Her teaching wins praise from her many students, and below you may read some of their comments about her workshops.

Dear Nina,

Just as an update... In the recent TAT Basics workshop I worked on my issue of picking at and chewing my cuticles during one of the practice "sessions".  
I now have completely undisturbed cuticles.

But even more than that... I have been biting my nails since I have had teeth (I'm not joking about that). The moment false ones came out, many years ago, I have used them. Whenever one would come off I would chew the uncovered nail until I got the fake one replaced; so I know this compulsion never left me, even though I sometimes had periods of not chewing them because they were covered by the fake ones.  

Since that "practice session" in the TAT workshop I was gone from home for 6 weeks with no availability of a nail place to refill the fake nails.  As they had grown out so much in 6 weeks I thought I might try to grow my nails.   

I NOW HAVE NAILS!  This is remarkable.  I am 62 years old and this is the first time in my life that I have had nails of my own.  I have no compulsion to pick or bite them. I can credit this to nothing other than the session we did in the workshop.

Thank you!

Dinah L.
Toronto, Ont.

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Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful and transformational EFT workshop.

Kelly Cowan

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note: Jerry G. attended EFT-1 and EFT-2 workshops in 2001, then sent this email in Feb.2006, showing the great results he gets with EFT on his own:

Hi Nina,
Thank you very much for your newsletters. They keep me always informed and provide more information about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other techniques available to treat or control emotional behaviours. I have been using this technique for a number of years. Even this morning I had to go through the EFT protocol. It really works and helps me to keep my emotional "energies" under control without any medication or visits to a family doctor. And the most amazing thing about this technique is the fact that I can use it at any place at any given time. All my worries about public speaking or going to public places like shopping malls are gone. I do not pretend to be a public person. However, now I can feel comfortable while attending work related meetings. I can fully express myself without sweating or being stressed out. I would like to thank you again for all your help and support.

Jerry G.
(905) 273-6723

"This was a fantastic workshop. (Intro to EFT). The personal experience was great! Well done, Nina."

Ann Verner,
Toronto, Ont.

"Presentation of material, techniques and practice were all well done. It was useful to do EFT repetitively with the others, and to feel and witness positive benefits."

Richard Smyth,
Huntsville, Ont.

"Excellent! Well worth the trip! (from Sarnia to Toronto). The practical component helped a lot. You were clear, concise & compassionate. You really did a great job. Thank you!"

Tina Shrigley,
Sarnia Ont,

"What was done well? ... Ability to uncover issues in my life that I hadn't even realized were the issues..."

Bill Ingham,
Toronto, Ont.

"Thank you for being so approachable to all questions. Your answers are thorough and to the point. It has been a pleasure working with you!"

Cherie Ellins,
Brantford, Ont.

"I was able to get to an issue in my 'emotional forest' that I had no idea was there! I gained great clarity. I've enjoyed learning the new techniques and tools, EFT and TAT."

Linda Jemieson,
Counsellor, Ganohkwasra Family Assault Services,
Six Nations Reserve, Ont.

"I liked the various ways we learned to work on trauma... and how we made a list of our traumas and worked through and cleared them [throughout the day with the different techniques]"

Sandra Montour,
Counsellor, Ganohkwasra Family Assault Services,
Six Nations Reserve, Ont.

"Everything was presented in a clear, knowledgeable fashion while remaining sensitive & respectful of members and their needs."

Roz Zurkowsky,
Toronto, Ont..

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Healing using Emotional Freedom Techinque or EFT, TAT, Reiki, Theta Healing and other Energy Therapy techniques in Toronto
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